How to Invite Candidates to a Course

Getting started with some of NHA's learning resources? Watch this short video to see how you can get your learners access to their materials with a simple invitation

Before starting, please confirm your institution/organization is using NHA's platform for your learning.  For more help on this, click here.

Step 1

Log into your administrative account at 

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Step 2

If you are providing NHA materials to your candidates, locate Prep Materials on the left-hand side and select View Inventory 

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Step 3

Confirm adequate inventory is listed in the appropriate resource for your candidate(s) 

  • There should be one item listed per candidate

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*If more materials are required please contact your NHA representative prior to enrolling any candidates 


Step 4

Select Courses from the left-hand side from the Prep Materials section 

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Step 5

Choose the Roster next to the correct course

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Step 6

Select the Invite Candidates button on the right-hand side of the page 

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Step 7

Type in the candidate email addresses for their logins 

  • Best Practice is to use personal (long-term) emails
  • You can drag and drop a list from an excel spreadsheet or copy/paste
  • Emails need to be separated by a comma

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*Inviting existing candidates will not change any pre-selected candidate institution association


Step 8

Select Check Addresses to audit the existing NHA candidate database.  Note the icons listed next to each email and in the key  

  • New candidate accounts will be invited to set up their logins
  • Existing candidate accounts will be added to the course roster

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Step 9

Select Send Invites to send the invitations 

  • Candidates will receive an email and must use their unique link to create a profile 
  • Use Back to Roster at the top to return to your roster view

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*Inviting candidates without adequate inventory will not provide the learning resources built in the course to all individuals


Step 10

New candidates who have not yet created their accounts will be listed in the Invited by Organization tab until they select their unique link

  • Re-sending an invitation to the same email address will override the first invitation link

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