How to Enroll in a Course

Learn how to request enrollment in your program's NHA course quickly and efficiently with this simple guide.

Before starting, please confirm your institution/organization is using NHA's platform for your learning.  For more help on this, click here.

Step 1

Log into your Candidate account at

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Step 2

Select Enroll in Your Course from the homepage of your NHA login

How to Enroll in an NHA Course-1-7


Step 3

Select Request Course Enrollment and select your course  from the drop-down  

*If your course isn’t listed double check your organization on your home page

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Step 4

Your request will be Pending until approved by your institution  

  • Once approved you will receive an email confirming your course enrollment

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Step 5

To access your NHA materials, Follow the My Courses on your left-hand navigation 

For Further assistance, please reference the how-to resources from your home page

How to Enroll in an NHA Course-1-12