How to access NHA Materials from a Learning Management System (LMS) - Candidates

This guide is designed to help candidates find your way to the NHA materials you need. However, it's important to know that you should be using your own organization's LMS to access these resources, not the NHA website directly.

1.    Check with Your Organization: Your school, clinic, or workplace has its own steps for you to follow when using their LMS. Make sure you get those instructions from them before you start.

2.    Don't Go Directly to the NHA Site: If you try to log in through the NHA website without being told to, you might not get to the right materials. Your organization's LMS is the correct path to what you need.

3.    Use the Links They Give You: Your organization should give you special links or codes to get into the LMS. These are the keys to your study materials, so use them instead of anything you might find elsewhere.

4.    Ask for Help if You're Lost: If you're having trouble or just aren't sure about something, reach out to someone who can help you at your organization. They'll know how to fix it.

5.    This Guide Might Not Match Your LMS Exactly: Remember, this is a general guide and might not match all of the details/processes that are specific to your LMS. Always follow your organization's instructions first.