How to Create an NHA Candidate Account

Ready to get started on your certification journey? Learn how to create your NHA candidate account in this step-by-step document.

Before starting, please confirm your institution/organization is using NHA's platform for your learning.  For more help on this, click here.

Step 1

From the home page,, select Login/Account and Create Account 

  • If you have an existing account but don’t remember your password select Reset Password

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Step 2

Read through the banner details outlining what to do if you already have an NHA Account 

  • You can also use the Help Center or Live Chat for assistance

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Step 3

Complete all required fields, which are marked with an asterisk (*)

  • Account information
  • Review the password specification requirements
  • Organization Information: Make sure to choose the correct organization type
    Registering Individually
    School or Training Center 
  • Employer
  • Candidate Information
  • Select if you’d like to receive Text Notifications
  • Additional Information

IMPORTANT: Do not create multiple accounts.  Use the Help Center for assistance.  

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Step 4

Select if you intend to get certified and possible timeline 

  • This will allow NHA to send you positive communications at important stages of your learning such as test anxiety tips and resources.
  • If you don’t know your exam date, that’s ok.  Please select your best guess for testing.

NOTE: This will not affect the ability to schedule your test in the future 

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Step 5

Read carefully and agree to NHA’s Terms and Conditions 

  • Select Register to create your new account

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Step 6

For further help, select the Find Helpful Resources button from your home page for additional resources such as: 

  • Enrolling in Courses
  • Applying for Exams
  • Best practices for preparing for your NHA Exam
  • What to expect on Exam day

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