What happens to active NHA products in learner accounts and courses already in use on exam launch day?

There are 3 main scenarios that apply when there is a candidate actively using the online materials at the time of an exam launch:

  • A candidate account is “registered individually,” not associated with an institution, and has purchased the materials.
  • A candidate account is associated to an institution, is not enrolled in a course but has purchased the materials on their own.
  • A candidate account is associated to an institution and is enrolled in a course using the materials.

For all these scenarios, NHA will provide the updated online materials either directly to the candidate or through the course at the institution level at no additional cost provided that:

1. The product is less than 2 years old AND

2. The material has been accessed within the last 6 months AND
3. The candidate does not have a passing exam result

Existing materials will not be removed from the candidate or course, but the new materials will be added to all that apply, providing the end user the opportunity to prepare for their exam using the aligned materials.

Candidates using NHA's printed study materials will not automatically receive updated materials, if you have questions regarding NHA's printed versions of exam preparation resources, please contact your NHA representative.