Steps to Certification as an Instructor/Administrator

Need or want to get certified yourself? As an instructor or administrator, be sure to follow the right steps to certification with this step-by-step process.


Note: This walkthrough is for instructors or administrators who are looking to earn their NHA certication. More information on the prodcee and eligibility requirements for any candidate are located in NHA's Candidate Handbook.

Step 1

If you don't already have a personal (non-administrative) Candidate account, create one at

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Note: You will need to use a different email than what you have for your administrative login.  

Pro Tip: Log out of your administrative account first to ensure that all saved logins or passwords won’t automatically populate. You can only be logged in as one user at a time. 

Step 2

During your account creation, select your affiliation as Registering Individually 

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Step 3

Review the eligibility requirements and additional parameters to test as an instructor in the NHA Candidate Handbook 

  • Details are found on page 9

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An instructor of an institution associated with NHA is eligible to sit for an NHA certification exam provided he/she: 

1. Possesses a current state-recognized teaching certificate, is licensed as a teaching professional, or has a minimum of three years of full-time teaching experience in a healthcare or health science field;
2. Is currently licensed, certified or registered as healthcare professional or has a minimum of two years of work experience in the allied health field covered by the NHA certification exam or a discipline that is commensurate with or exceeds the scope of practice of that allied health field; and
3. Meets all program-specific requirements

The instructor must: 

1. Register individually (he/she cannot associate himself/herself with his/her institution when registering with NHA); and
2. Sit for the exam at a PSI testing site location or through Remote Testing. Under no circumstances may the instructor take the exam at his/her institution.

In addition, the instructor: 

1. May not sit for exam if he/she served as a proctor for that same exam in the prior six (6) months; and
2. Once he/she has registered for the exam, he/she may not proctor that same exam until after receiving the certification.

Step 4

If your program or institution will be paying for your certification or preparation, connect with your NHA Representative to assist the payment process 

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Step 5

When ready, follow the steps on your Candidate account to apply for your NHA Exam

  • For additional help, see the How-To PDF or  Video to apply for an exam as an individual

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Step 6

Schedule your NHA exam with PSI through an on-site location or with Remote Testing 

  • You have a 6-month window from your application date to schedule and take your NHA Exam

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Note: for additional help, see NHA’s other How-To resources on scheduling or rescheduling your PSI Exam, or additional resources Remote Testing  


Step 7

You will be notified within 3 business days of your exam score posting 

  • View your results in the Exam Results link on your navigation bar

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Step 8

NHA Certifications can be renewed every 2 years, maintain your certification with Continuing Education Credits through your Candidate login 

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