Managing the Externship Certification Queue

Is your program using NHA's eligibility pathway to test before their clinicals or externship? Learn more about the queue, and how to operate it, here.

Please note your maximum timeline for your candidates. A certification will only stay in the queue for a limited time. You will be notified of expiring certifications, please take action when you receive those notifications, otherwise the certifications will expire and not be granted to your candidates.

Step 1

Log into your administrative account at 

How to Approve an NHA Exam Roster-3


Step 2

Locate the Candidates section in your left-hand navigation and select the Certification Queue

  • Total certifications “Queued” for Institution Release should be visible

Managing the Externship Certification Queue-2-7


Step 3

Candidate names, certification types, exam dates, and queue expiration dates are visible from this page 

  • Select Approve or Reject under the Actions column to release the certification

Managing the Externship Certification Queue-2-9


Step 4 (optional)

Rejection notes may be added through a pop up after the Reject option is selected 

Managing the Externship Certification Queue-2-10