How to View Certification Exam Results

NHA provides you all program-related exam results in an easy view. Monitor or download your program, learner, and group exam results here.

Step 1

Log into your administrative account at 

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Step 2

Under the Candidates section in your left-hand navigation, select View Exam Results 

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Step 3

Individual candidate exam results will populate per candidate and per date 

  • You can filter this list by timeline or certification type
  • Candidates with a passing score of 390 or higher out of a possible 500 will have a certification number listed
  • Any candidate missing a score reflects an exam that was scheduled but didn’t occur

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*Note: If your program is using the Certification Queue for institution release, no certification number will be listed until the certification is approved by the institution.  


Step 4

To download an Excel spreadsheet or PDF of your selected candidates, choose the Download Results button in the bottom left-hand corner 

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Step 5

If testing on-site, Group Reports are available per date by scrolling down this page 

  • Select the date from the drop-down and choose the Actions icon to view the group report

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*There must be at least 2 candidates for the group report to load.