How to Update a Provisional Certification

Learn how to update your provisional certification in this step-by-step walk-though.

Step 1

Log into your Candidate account at

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Step 2

Go to your My Achievements link on the bottom left-hand corner

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Step 3

Write down your Certification Number listed

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Step 4

Collect 1 item for graduation documentation


  • College transcripts are not accepted
  • If submitted after your 1-year deadline affidavit is no longer accepted


Approved Documents Include 

  • Transcript from the High School
  • Unofficial transcript (must include graduation date)
  • Copy of High School Diploma
  • GED Test Scores/Certificate
  • Affidavit from school confirming graduation


Step 5

Send your information to NHA by Fax or Email

  • Email Digital Materials to:         
  • Or Fax to: 913-661-6291 

Email or Fax MUST ALSO include  

  • The name on your NHA account
  • Your Certification Number

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Step 6

Confirmation of your 2- year Certification will show on your account within 2-3 business days 

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