How to Reschedule an On-site Exam

Need to reschedule an upcoming NHA exam? Learn how in this step-by-step document.

Step 1

Log into your Candidate account at

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Step 2

Select My Exam Applications from the left-hand side of the screen 

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Step 3

Select the icon underneath Actions to Reschedule 

How to Reschedule an on-site Exam-1-7

*This icon will not be visible for PSI exams.  You must call them directly at 1-833-537-1330 at least 24 hours in advance of your test date to reschedule at no additional charge.


Step 4

Select the preferred test date for your exam - the test date should have a check mark once selected.

  • Press Continue

If your institution does not have any future exam dates scheduled, this will show as “No Sections Available” 

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Step 5

Your new exam will be pending the roster approval until the week prior to the test date 

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