How to Renew Proctor Status

Is your proctor status expiring? Don't stress! Learn to quickly renew your proctor status with this simple downloadable guide.

Step 1

Login to your Proctor account at

How to Renew Proctor Status-1


Step 2

At the top center of page, click where it says Click here to renew

How to Renew Proctor Status-2


Step 3

Proctor Tutorial and Oath

Read the Proctor Handbook and Proctor Oath and complete the questions that follow. Click Yes and Submit

How to Renew Proctor Status-4


Step 4

Once complete, the Proctor Exams link will remain active in the left-hand side of the portal. 

How to Renew Proctor Status-6

*Please note that you will be prompted to renew your Proctor Tutorial on an annual basis and will receive email reminders as your one-year expiration date approaches.