How to Monitor and View Your Candidate Exam Applications

Knowing how to view and monitor candidate applications helps you be prepared for upcoming exams, provides insight into schedules, and ensures learners are scheduled to test. Learn how in this short video.


Step 1 

Log into your NHA administrative account at

How to Approve an NHA Exam Roster-3

Step 2

Under the Candidates section in the left-hand side navigation select View Exam Applications

How to View Exam Applications-2-7 


Step 3

Here you’ll be able to view any applications 

  • Third-Party (off-site or remote)
  • First-Party (on-site)

How to View Exam Applications-2-9

Step 4

There are several filters that include Booking status, Booking Date, Exam Date, and Exam Status 

Selections can be downloaded through the Download Applications button at the bottom via Excel or PDF

  • Status shows where the candidate’s paperwork is in process
  • Booking Date is the scheduled exam date
  • Booking status identifies the scheduling status for the exam (ie: canceled, scheduled, absent)

How to View Exam Applications-2-17

  • Confirmed means available for scheduling.
  • Finalized are completed exams.
  • Third-Party Exam Dates will only populate once the exam has occurred.