How to Manage a Course

Unsure the best way to use the NHA study materials for your learners?

Step 1

Log into your administrative account at

How to Approve an NHA Exam Roster-3


Step 2

Under Prep Materials on the left-hand side and choose Courses

How to Invite candidates to a course-2-5 


Step 3

Locate the course and select Course Details

How to Create a Course-17 


Step 4

To view the study materials select the Preview feature to the right of any item 

  • After selecting Preview, you will see content identical to your candidate(s)

Step 5

You have options to manage candidate access to the materials:

  • Clicking into “Always Available” will let you manipulate dates your learners see the materials
  • You have the option to make the materials “Not available,” “Always available,” or “On a specific date.”
  • Choosing the "On a specific date” button will allow you to choose the date the module unlocks on.

*Note: For best practices on timelines and rationales, please refer to the certification material Implementation Guide.


Step 6

Assignments will show candidates your expectations on time spent in a module or practice assessment completion 

  • Assignments do not affect access to the materials