How to Become a Proctor

All the steps and resources to help you meet proctor prerequisites and register as an exam proctor.

Before becoming a proctor, please refer to Conflict of Interest in the Proctor Handbook. Only individuals without vested interest in the exam outcome should be in the exam room. 

Step 1

Log into your Proctor account at

  • If you do not have an NHA Proctor account, contact your Institution Administrator or your NHA Certification Specialist to add  you as a User.

How to Become a Proctor -2


Step 2

At the top center of page, click where it says Click here to get started.


Step 3

The Proctor Prerequisite questions can be completed by clicking the Not Completed tabs. 

How to Become a Proctor -12


Step 4

Proctor Tutorial and Oath  

Read the Proctor Handbook and Proctor Oath then complete the questions that follow. Click Yes and Submit

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Step 5

Proctor Profile  

Complete the Account/Contact Information Save Profile.

How to Become a Proctor -6 


Step 6

Once complete, the Proctor Exams link will be active in the left-hand side of the portal.  

How to Become a Proctor -8

*Please note that you will be prompted to renew your Proctor Tutorial on an annual basis and will receive email reminders as your one-year expiration date approaches.